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tv   Chasing News  FOX  May 25, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> have you ever personally seen a ufo? >> sure. right here in trenton. i saw a strange, look like a star, he kept changing shapes. it was gone in a split second. >> to think were the only people in the universe? it's naïve.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i have been reading about all of these ufo sightings in new jersey. even more specifically in our area. >> wow. how did you find out about it? >> what is their name? >> jerry. >> i am hunting ufos today. guess what? they are real and they have been to new jersey multiple times. want to know how i know? doctor ufo confirmed it. you know it is real because he has a license plate that says so. >> have you ever personally seen a ufo? >> sure.
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right here in trenton. my wife and i just moved in and we had just gotten married in 1963. i was coming home one night and i saw strange, look like a star or satellite going across the sky. i called my wife and she was cooking dinner and i said come out watch the satellite. we took five minutes to watch it and way up overhead it goes -- and it was gone in a split second. >> holy smokes, that was no satellite, what was that? >> that was not the only ufo sighting that has happened here in trenton. he showed me pictures of another one more recently that happened in january. it starts off pretty far away, you think it is just a.and then maybe two dots. but then, it's like a little blurry.
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i think it was moving. he introduced me to his neighbor and sister who sought over the bridge. >> her sister took photographs and she sent them over t to glen and she called me up and said i have something for you to look at. a ufo. and i said what? you're nuts. i came running down in here they are big beautiful bluish light white. >> and another set. >> it got me to thinking, if we have had so many sightings in new jersey, why can't i find a ufo? so i dressed for the chase. tonight i am going ufo hunting. so the hat, the jacket, is this
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your official ufo hunting outfit? >> yes, sir. >> what happens if you don't come to work tomorrow? should we expect the worst? >> i would hope that you would come find me. it's in my daytime or where i will be. >> has no one here been abducted by aliens? >> stephen had said that we should pray for aliens not to come in contact with us. when you look in history advanced civilization has encountered a less advanced civilization things don't go well. >> i would love to meet someone from another planet. you think where the only people in the universe? it's naïve. aliens exist. they are brilliant and they are going to take over earth. >> i have heard of that. >> to hear that? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we are witnessing the breast and brightest of the military
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and fleet week in new york. it is my favorite time of the year. we are driving on the parkway and see spectacular views of a parade of military ships. right behind me is a big military ship. i spoke to the lieutenant commander about it. >> this is the uss -- lht three. it is like the brain trust of an amphibious striker. it is the hub. the information center. it gets protected by other ships around it. >> they spoke about the high level of security in light of the manchester terrorist attack in britain. >> there has been increased insecurity. we always have a strong presence. >> you are military, so. >> we are definitely on high alert because of the recent incidents and tragedy. >> i talked to two female soldiers from new york and they tell me about their experiences. >> i'm from the south bronx.
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>> what is it like on the sea? >> i am a cook on the ship. so i make sure the crew is fed and happy. we have to keep the morale up at. >> , the girls are there? is that mostly men were a lot of women? >> we have around 400 females on the ship. >> how many men? >> like 700 or more. >> what you do? >> i am a machinist and mechanic. >> very neat. what you love about new york? >> i love the atmosphere and culture. there's so much culture here. >> what you hope to do new york this week? >> i am trying to enjoy my city. and spent time with my family. >> that is a whole slew of people. >> so selfie with a sailor. >> thank you.
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a man found a snake at the bottom of his pantry in florida. he is a new york man and he said this does not happen in the north. he called 911. the police came and all they used to get it out, i'll pull. >> we have a crazy video out of california of a big rig fire. >> there is a huge fire on the highway. >> one person is said to be dead. they got the fire out. >> college is not for everyone. how do you explain the strange case of a 20-year-old in the university of maryland who claims he is to be the valedictorian of his class but yet with a 3000 word letter to his parents he said he is going to drop out because i have more inspiration. they do not have a valedictorian, they have a medalist.
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>> i don't care. >> roller derby. >> i have excelled at a lot of sports in my life. when i saw these ladies on the rank, i knew roller derby was not going to be run of them. the garden state roller girls have the top program in the state. and some of the best players in the entire country. >> i victoria gonzales,. >> a couple of times your they bring in new talent into the program through the fresh meet program. >> the fresh meat program is about teaching new skaters of the basics of roller derby and how to have fun on rollerskates. >> i had adopted in-line skating club of america in new jersey to try it out. as they got me geared up, i had
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on my knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards. of course my helmet. then it was time to skate. then it was time to hit the rank, literally. >> lesson one, how to fall properly so were skating, and then you really have to use -. lesson two is how to stop. i never quite mastered that one. i was running into the wall. running into people. >> the way to partner work where we had to hold hands and make our way down the rink. at no point in time to my partner and i make it successfully down one side without falling or something bad happening. here is the deal, i have only done like two laps and i am already sore. these guys are like gangsters on
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skates. six months. >> how often do people get injured? >> i would say once a year. like a broken bone or something. >> nobody broke bones while i was there but there were lots of bruises, lots of falls, we just cap practicing and by the end of it i could successfully fall intentionally. that was a good one. but i never quite mastered the art of stopping. >> the people you are with are all beginners? >> i don't know if i was the worst one but i was the loudest one. none of them screamed. >> can you show us how to do a body check? >> i could, who am i checking? >> you are going to check me. >> i don't know what roller derby is.
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>> you can't use your elbows. >> jerry wants you to hit me. >> in that case. >> do it again. and, we are out. thank you. >> he is autistic but high functioning. but raising him is difficult. >> we have him come here and try one food at a time. >> he is now the official general manager and he puts a smile on our face. he is a great little guy. >> when he was arrested in my kitchen the officers let me know it was heroin. >> my thought was that i just want to get high once more.
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>> we did everything. >> it is an everyday battle. we have got to shatter the stigma. it's the only thing that keeps us
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>> have a story we should know about? help us chase it down by logging
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on to >> i got it down to a science. ready? we do not move cameras, we moved to people. >> while most interruptions are annoying, some interruptions are delightful. like this dog interrupting a newscast last week. >> they want -- here's are chasing the creation. >> he comes in smiling up at the smile on our face. he is a great little guy. the 4-year-old brody and his mom of came every day they come to his favorite place, the new
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jersey wa wa. we have a name tag for him, have a had to end his own pen. >> is as a general manager of wa wa. he is now the general manager of the local walleye. cody is a autistic and even though he is high functioning raising him is difficult. >> truthfully he has come for us he wasn't eating many foods at all, he's just amazing. he didn't eat a lot of foods and he started coming here and we had him try one thing and then went to mac & cheese and then it went to a couple of things that he really likes that he does not eat much. >> i went with brody to his wawa
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and they showed me around. >> keep it like that. then his mom and dad orders on touchpad by memory all by himself. it can be a place of wonder and amazement it for me. imagine what it feels like to a 4-year-old boy who has the run of the place. >> have a great day. there was a small issue. >> you ordered the steak this time. you forgot to order yours. >> he got the order wrong so we had to go back in which meant he got a second chance at wawa. we have to get cheese.
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anything that makes my son happy it makes me happy. >> 's parents want to say that people who have children with autism should not despair, the condition is not the end. inspiration, generosity, and warmth can come from the most unlikely places, a local wawa. >> to love it wawa? >> i love wawa. did he like the pretzels? >> i don't know if he tried that. he had the mac & cheese, quesadilla. i think you could -- with the amount you like the pretzels. >> a car plowed through the streets last wednesday leaving one person dead and several injured. we are now taking a deeper look into the victims of that day. our search took us to new jersey, home to the two teens,
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jessica williams and destiny lightfoot who made their way to times square that day in celebration of senior skip day. >> where a small community, about 1 mile square. whenever anything goes on it is kind of major. people come together immediately. >> he tells me that stephanie came home from the hospital on tuesday and jessica remains at the hospital where she continues her recovery. >> she is off the ventilator. she is awake, alert, talking with people. she is going to have to have a few more surgeries because of damage to her legs. she has have skin grafts and will need plastic surgery for facial injuries. she is doing much better than we could have ever hoped. >> the community is coming together to help these girls who are just weeks away from prom and graduation. >> one of the major things for the two girls to help offset the
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cost of medical expenses. i cannot even imagine what that would be. and that you take care of the rest of the family to make sure they have food and everything. we have food in our food pantry, we are packing boxes now. were bringing in treats. >> we have some vegetables and stuff like that. >> the driver involved in last week's terrorist 26-year-old bronx resident who remit in' remains behind bars. he's charged with murder and attempted murder. many are wondering what we can do from preventative from happening again. some say we should close it off altogether from car traffic. >> just the sheer amount of pedestrians. people just spell into the street. it's almost impossible to drive through time square that time of night anyway. it's very slow progress for the
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drivers. it just shows really we are at the point now where we have to take a serious look at pedestrian activity and give that priority over the traffic. >> is a shame that is a potential solution. i don't know. i think this was just a terrible accident. somebody that just the decision-making that goes into stuff that happens that people do. and you end up with someone dead. also the question is what could happen in future but what kind of effect it will have on the surrounding area. will it enhance the pedestrian experience in the heart of new york city? was for commerce down? you have to take that into account. >> when i drive in the city i avoid time square. you try to avoid it because it takes you so long to get through. >> you look up the barriers from time square and permanent measures were taken to stop the car. it was an extreme situation.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> people said they saw this happen.
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three, two, high-speed chase. >> check out the video of darrell harbin from orlando, florida that caught -- on a police officer. i thought it was a goose, what if they are all mean? >> do you know what is hilarious? sexual assault.
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that is what the two idiots they said they release this snake it's called the bill cosby. unsurprisingly, people got really upset with them. the geniuses realized and they apologize on twitter. this was in very poor taste. >> it is national painting week. i am north of 96 on the boys and girls club of harlem. working with employees from sherwin williams to give the inside of this historic building and up beat and fresh look. >> where are we going? >> were going in here and what we are doing is a geometric
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print to be a little funky and to bring energy and life into the spaces. >> leading the transformation a celebrity and designer vanessa. >> given back is super important. and also part for sherwin williams. it's great to be back in be a philanthropist and pay it forward. i have been blessed because i have been giving back all of my life and paying it forward is so important. having people volunteer come together brings a sense of unity. >> it was all hands-on tech to design the blank walls with a pop of color. i have to get straight to work. the boys and girls club of harlem moved into the space which was a former public school. vanessa who works on interior decorating projects all over the world says one of the best way to make space excited and motivated is to start with color. >> color brings a sense of personality. it brings a sense of pop and you walk into the space and feel great about it. >> is it looking great?
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[laughter] awesome. >> it for more in information about the projects taking place over the country check out the # s&w painting week. >> another great week of chasing news. thank you for watching. do you believe in ufos? more tomorrow. >> it is not what you hear on the news every night. >> it's a complete disaster for the whole northeast
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